What Makes A Good Role Model? Essay

What Makes A Good Role Model? Essay

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What makes a good role model and how can i ensure that I act as a role model for employees I supervise?
What makes a good role model is someone who is calm, positive and confident within themselves.
Great role models are constantly challenging themselves and learning new things and understand the concept of nobody 's perfect. When they make mistakes they apologise, admit the mistake, and accept accountability while planning on how to correct it. They demonstrate commitment and don 't give up easily and persevere when confronted by obstacles. A good role model is well presented and usually respected by others for their commitment and loyalty. They have long term goals and will not give up until they achieve them.

What are the traits of an effective leader? How can these traits be developed?
An effective leader will have traits such as; leadership, adaptability, communication, constant development, transparent and maturity. No one is born onto this world an effective leader, but you can improve your skills every day by learning and studying what leaders do and then by copying them until you become one yourself. Study their actions, their presentation and their choice in speech. Becoming a leader, however, requires that you understand the leadership role and responsibility of being an effective leader to the full extent. Leaders make better choices and decisions for not themselves but the sake of others. Being an effective leader is a commitment and a lot of people depend on you and the choices you make, so you always need to ensure you are making a decision that will benefit the majority of others.
How can I ensure my work goals and plans are aligned to the organisations goals and plans?
Involving yourself in the goal-setting ...

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How Can I ensure my personal knowledge and skills meet required competency standards?
Gaining as much work experience as possible is always the smartest thing to do. This means you will not be as stressed out at work because you will be learning outside of work instead whilst at work. We all know how stressful learning new things while being expected to complete tasks you are unsure of is.. Having a casual volunteer job on the side would take that extra pressure off, so then you can complete your work tasks correctly.

How can i gather feedback from others about my personal performance and how can I use this feedback to improve my competence?
You should also ask for regular feedback from your employer and make sure you have enquired all the new skills you aimed for and if there is anything else they think you might need a little bit of improving on.

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