What Makes A Good Personality? Essay

What Makes A Good Personality? Essay

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Colby Sumblin grew up in a small town called Kinston. His school didn’t have more than five-hundred kids in grades K-12. His father’s side owns farmland and are known in the agriculture in Alabama and his mom’s side they are known for their businesses in Enterprise for fixing machinery. Colby is one of those guys who tried to make the fun out of any situation. Enjoying life being fun with others is what Colby loves. But his fun with others isn’t all just games; it’s helping others and giving others a hand with their problems too. Colby was a good guy; he had a very good personality, he was a team player in high school, and had a big heart for others.
First of all, let’s talk about what a good personality truly is. Someone with a good personality is someone who treats others kindly, with respect. He also have a healthy sense of humor and can make you smile or laugh by being witty not insulting. They listen to others when they talk and empathize. They aren 't always thinking or talking about themselves. Colby fits this category almost perfectly. Colby is one of those guys that can talk to anyone and not be scared to talk first. He always wants everyone to have a good time anywhere. He is a good friend and always there when someone needs a friend or help with a tough situation because everyone had ups and downs in their life. Colby just wants to help anyone or be a good friend to anyone because he knew if he was, when he is in a bind, his friends and family will always be there to help him.
A team player is more concerned about the good of the team over individual stats. This type of player will make teammates look good, do the unheralded defensive work, take hard fouls, and do all the little things to make the team better. This t...

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...had a very good personality, he was a team player in high school, and had a big heart for others. Colby as you can see will do all he can to make himself feel like he is doing the right thing. Being a friend to someone in need is what Colby lives by. People always need someone in situations in life and Colby wants to be there to help at any cost possible. Having a positive attitude can help others and yourself especially. A positive attitude is what others want to see in a person and Colby had that as a person. Being a team player doesn’t seem like it teaches or shows much but it shows a lot in a person to not hog the ball or to not take advantage every time. Having a big heart is really tough to keep in this world today. Everyone now-a-days thinks of themselves before others but some do not. Colby is that small few who doesn’t look at his wants before other’s needs.

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