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I believe that humans have neither a good or evil nature. That good and evil are a man made device and a product of our culture. They are subject to change and are not agreed upon by human’s as a whole species. Babies are born with a clean slate. Good and evil is imparted on them. That without this external involvement babies would not be able to know what actions are good or evil. The following arguments present the questions that I have, that lead to my conclusion.

Are there underlining principles that are good or found in every group of humans? (will this still be a NO for you with the new portion that debates this and gives more of a YES but only in basic ways like being punched in the face) No, for example you may think stealing from another member of your tribe would be wrong universally, but do those same standards and principals you apply to your tribe apply to another, I don’t think so. As in it’s not ok for me to steal from another member of my village but it is ok for me and a group of my tribesman’s to go steal from another village. There are still radical differences. For instance, if we compare western society to that of Saudi Arabia. To us, letting women drive is a minor nonissue and in fact it 's empowering to have them drive. It’s a good thing. But in Saudi Arabia they don’t feel the same way. It is unaccepted in their society so it’s labelled as bad, not questioned by the people, and simply is a rule they must abide by. It is these kind of differences that make universal moral codes not possible. The people in both cultures accept the choices made by their culture.

When we look at human nature I think time period plays a role. We have the luxury of living in the safest period ever, here, in the western world, e...

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...opening Thesis???) To have a good nature you must always try to be good, even if you fail, it’s the act. The opposite would apply to be bad in nature, you must act always in an evil or bad way. Both of these ideals are impossible in an absolute, one or the other way. We, as a species, are kind, caring, and loving, but we are also greedy, selfish, and evil. What good or evil is, is organically changing, reflecting the culture it’s from. To say humans are one way or the other would be to simplify and generalize an entire species. Because each person falls somewhere between caring and selfish, somewhere between greedy and giving. Humans are far too complex, in a far too complex world, to say as a whole we are good or bad by nature. I firmly believe that this is the most timely conclusion to this age old debate. Humans remain as we have always been, in constant evolution.

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