What Makes A Gold Digger? Essay

What Makes A Gold Digger? Essay

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“She takes my money when I’m in need”. Those are some of the lyrics of Kanye West song “Gold Digger” where he shows his misogynistic views about gold diggers and how woman in general are gold diggers. Still in some other parts he shows that he shows that he loves them (“It takes too much to touch her; from what I heard she got a baby by Busta; my best friend says she use to f**k with Usher; I don’t care what none of yall say I still love her.”). Kanye is one of many artists (especially hip-hop artists) that uses misogyny in their lyrics and see all women this way. The truth is that men like gold diggers, but they’re still represented as misogyny.
What is a gold digger? A gold digger is a person who dates others purely to extract money from them, in particular a woman who strives to marry a wealthy man. The real question is that what makes women to act as gold digger. At the University of Minnesota, Professor Vladas Grickevicius and his PhD student Yajin Jang made a research to explain why woman are gold diggers. According to them women want to own nice and expensive things to show off their status and that their men spend on them. It’s a sort of defending mechanism toward the other women to tell them to back off from their men. Meanwhile the single ladies want expensive things as a sign to tell others to back off from their future men.
Even though men know how to spot a gold digger, they still continue to date one. In fact most of wealthy men like dating a gold digger. The thing about getting a woman and dating it is that it requires energy, game and time. Most of men in career don’t have them three. That’s when money jumps in. They find women with an aspiration to live at higher-standard, who require successful men and that go...

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... most emblematic female images such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn being gold diggers, will unconsciously affect women’s thoughts.
I’m not a female myself and I cannot feel their pain, but I do understand what they go through nowadays. The ugly truth is that men like gold diggers gold diggers like man. That’s totally fine as I’m not judging anyone’s behavior. The way that men treat these gold diggers it’s what really disgusts me. A real gentleman treats woman with respect, like they did in the 1950-60s (leaving behind the inequality behind; that’s a whole other topic). You don’t sing to woman like Kanye or other rappers these days. Actually the original version of “Gold digger” is called “I got a woman” sang by Ray Charles and the lyrics are way different. And that’s how man should treat woman as for woman are not meant to be disrespected but to be loved.

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