Essay about What Makes A Genetically Modified Organisms?

Essay about What Makes A Genetically Modified Organisms?

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What is a genetically modified organism? Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are living organisms whose genetic material has been changed in a laboratory through genetic engineering. Genetic engineering offers time-saving methods for producing large, high-quality crops with less effort and expense. With that being said, could gene editing be the solution to global hunger? According to World Food Program, one in nine people on earth do not have enough food to live a healthy lifestyle (Effiong and Noor, 2015). Those numbers are expecting to get worse due to the population steadily rising. Often, we see television commercials about malnourished children and companies asking to donate to them, but most of those commercials are forgotten within one minute of viewing them. Simply, asking for help is not good enough. Ignoring cases of malnutrition will not help with the overall solution. Instead, we have to approach the problem and tackle it with the easiest, simplest, and quickest solution, which is genetically modified foods.
The development of plants to create foods that are healthier against disease and pests, bigger, and more colorful has been happening for thousands of years. “GMO crops cover 170 million hectares of land globally, representing 11% of all arable land” (Effiong and Noor, 2015). Human have been genetically enhancing other organisms by selective breeding. Sweet corn, seedless watermelons, and seedless grapes are all examples of how humans have selectively enhanced genes in foods. According to Effiong and Noor, scientists at biotech company Cellectis have improved the shelf life of potatoes by disabling a single gene that promotes accumulation of sweet sugars. Additionally, using this technique, they ...

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... deliver immunization against diarrhea” (Cade, Reyon, Hwang, 2012). Papaya was genetically modified to resist the ringspot virus during the 1950s. According to Reyon, Hawaii’s papaya industry was facing disaster due to the fact of the deadly papaya ringspot virus. Furthermore, its only savior was a breed engineered to be resistant to the virus. Today, 80% of Hawaiian papaya is genetically engineered, and there is still no correct or organic method to control ringspot virus (Reyon 2012).
In conclusion, GM foods are developed because there is some perceived advantage either to the producer or consumer of these foods. GM foods would result in a product with a lower price, greater benefit, insect resistance, stronger crops, and larger production. The world needs more nutrient-rich, environmentally friendly food production, therefore, GM foods will fill this void.

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