Essay on What Makes A Fool?

Essay on What Makes A Fool?

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Having more than half a decade experience in the IT industry in various domains and sectors along with possessing a wide range of skills, I like to take my career to next level. Though my technical skillset is pretty much enough to excel at my work, I feel that with addition of managerial and behavioral skills, I can have an exponential growth in the IT industry. An IT techie with good project management skills not only helps himself but his peers by good team co-ordination and extracting the best value with the resources available. I feel Organizations become more productive only when they recruit more such employees with good managerial skills along with technical skills. So I feel, imparting of these managerial skills to an IT techie is a need rather than a luxury.
In life, I consider gaining knowledge essentially drives success than any other factors like influence and luck. And knowledge comes to us by learning or studying something new. But what we learn next is the most important thing. Only a fool will directly try to learn or read words before learning the alphabets. Striving for betterment in all aspects of life by gaining knowledge, acquiring skills, creating opportunities via boundless determination in professional, academic and personal career by a planned approach drives us towards success.
After securing a good percentage in high school and being passionate towards computers, I joined a Bachelor’s program in Computer Science from a renowned University in India which enabled me to gain very good programming skills and a comprehensive background of core engineering subjects. This ultimately helped me to get placed in TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), an MNC and the global leader in Software Service providing and had...

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...hat we follow at our organization and share the work and responsibilities within our team. I always wanted to be a leader and this is when I came to a point where I was determined to possess the required skills to help myself grow in my career.
I would like to pursue Master’s degree in Information Technology Management at Sullivan University to hone my understanding of project management and give me a thorough knowledge so that I can take my career to the next level to become a leader. I believe the Managing Information Technology course at your University can help me impart the required managerial and behavioral skills and help me not simply become a manager but a leader.
I very well understand the rigorous demands of a Master’s program and I am ready to take up that challenge and thank you for providing me this opportunity to express my past and current experience.

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