What Makes A Faith Or Becoming A Believer? Essays

What Makes A Faith Or Becoming A Believer? Essays

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As far as I am concerned, having a faith or becoming a believer in any religion is nothing like picking up the merchandise you want and making the most of it at all; it might sound ridiculous of what I just said, and people might say, “Religion, of course, is not a product.” But really, how many people consciously realize the process of themselves becoming a follower for a certain religion? And why do people eventually end up being a member of a certain religion not others?
There is a belief embedded in my mind—having no faith in any religion is one of the patterns to believe. Some people tend to search spiritual sustenance over religions; some people just have no need on such spiritual comfort.
Even though I am not a Christian, nor a believer in most of the religions, I truly consider that religions render people the power needed to face any forms of challenges as well as difficulties; faith, I am talking about faith. Many of my family members are either Christians or Buddhists, so the religious impact on them is somewhat obvious to me. I can see that folks, especially my family, who have a faith in God/Godness are granted relief when they are in depression or even in grievousness. Perhaps, I should provide a declaration about my spiritual perspective with more accurate words—I do pray when I am having a hard time or feeling low, but whom I pray to is not explicit and obvious. If you ask me how to pray without an object of worship, I will take my high school life as an explanation. I was an athlete for more than six years, and as the majority of us know experiencing tough days is naturally a part of an athletic career; for this reason, I prayed all the time, for I knew this is a way I get to put myself together and stand up a...

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... reason to make my commitment, and I hope this is also the faith that God wants his folks to have. Indeed, I may not be intelligent enough to thoroughly know God or Christianity, but I am willing to seek what they are as far as my ability allows.
There is no doubt that handing in yourself to a religion is a sacred matter, and that’s mainly the reason I don’t usually think about making this decision very often. It is like, not completely but to a certain degree, you don’t want to have any regret when it is too late, and you want to be heartfelt when you are devoted to something. Another conclusion is that many people perceive that personal bonding or experience is much more important than what others tell you, but a lot of time it seems we take others’ opinion more as the guideline quite often, not giving ourselves abundant time to ponder what you are doing is about.

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