What Makes A Company Save Time?

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In the first site Michael works at, he notices that his mentor would be more efficient by sticking bar codes to her forearm to scan the items as they go. If it were not for her creativity, all merchandise was required to be walked to the gate and scan each box in one by one. In the third site, Shannon shows Michael her own unique way to package merchandise in boxes. She mostly keeps the same rhythm and begins by placing the label first on the top then putting the merchandise in to then seal the bottom side of the box. In the fourth job, Michael is assigned a scanner that is adjusted on your arm so when you scan something, it is as if you were to shoot with your hand. Something simple to keep oneself on the move. They may be small things, but these things are what makes a company save time and allows them to be more efficient in the long run. With the use of seasonal workers, the workforce of the company has been expanded ad it gives the company a chance for more job simplification. With more people they can have each person doing a different aspect of the workload instead of fewer people having to worry about more aspects of the workload. One of the ways that the shipping facility was able to deal with boredom was to use Job Rotation. Job Rotation involves moving workers to different positions within the job location which helps break up the monotony of the work day. For example- at the first job location, Michael and Rashelle were moved from loading trucks to sorting boxes. This was partially because of Michael’s poor performance at loading trucks but also because it gave them a bit of variation in their work day and minimized their chances of getting bored and complacent with the job they had been assigned. Seasonal workers are... ... middle of paper ... ... the significance of their jobs. By motivating employees and explaining to them why the jobs they do are important and help customers, the managers can effectively increase the employee’s willingness to work hard and do the best that they can. Cameron, the picker, does not get seem to get clear feedback from his managers. He is sort of left to his own devices when it comes to his performance. However, it does seem that he has developed his own way to get feedback on how he is doing as a picker. To monitor his performance as a picker, Cameron races with other employees while they collect their items to see who can finish the fastest. By doing so, he can evaluate his performance and try to do better each time. This can be seen in the episode where Michael had a race with Cameron to try and see how well he could perform against a seasoned picker (Undercover Boss, 2010).

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