What Makes A Company Called You Inc. Essay

What Makes A Company Called You Inc. Essay

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In this document I will identify myself as a company called You Inc. to establish my plan and strategy to succeed in the ever growing work force. I will identify my mission and vision statement as to what skills and ideas I have to offer a business, corporation, or work environment desiring to use my skills. I will identify what makes me valuable and a desirable candidate to have in any workforce looking for my set of skills. I will use my intuition to pick the right organizations to invest my time in pursuing a career with them, to minimize unwanted spectators. I will identify my skills and how I intend to distinguish myself from the competition and create a competitive advantage. To create this competitive advantage and make myself available to a variety of different business venues. A mission statement is “A written declaration of an organization 's core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time” (Business Dictionary.com)
I will strategically position myself as the right company You Inc. to add value to the market segment as well as declaring my phenomenal services. In the process to make You Inc. Successful I’ll create a diameter where a business will only find me fit to complete the task or position they need to fill. This will allow me to become a brand that cannot be duplicated, and have clients that specifically need my skills. You Inc. is considered a blue ocean company which creates the right atmosphere for each individual client or business providing skills and services necessary to accommodate each client or business.
Mission Statement
My mission is to be the best applicable candidate for any organization needing my skills as a business administrator to help improve or add quality to...

... middle of paper ...

...th the right tools and guidance I am able to accommodate any organizational need specific to my field of business. “An important element of becoming a strategic function is the ability to focus on goals that matter to the business and demonstrate value” (ROI Communication).

You Inc. is designed to add value to your organization and enhance performance. You Inc. is designed to help meet your goals, if you are looking for a candidate that can adapt and to change and conform to your business needs and goals. You Inc. is responsible and reliable and has the abilities to meet your needs rather it’s local, domestic, or overseas I am here to accommodate you. I have the skills, integrity, ethics, and patients to deal with each business or person directly one-on-one to maintain focus. You Inc. focuses on your needs and can help eliminate or solve your problems.

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