What Makes A Coffee Grounds? Essay

What Makes A Coffee Grounds? Essay

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Uses for coffee grounds, other than making your morning coffee are many. They may also be a pick-me-up for your plants and landscape. Coffee and tea grounds can be used in and around the garden. They act as a slow release fertilizer or can be a main component of your compost. Sprinkling dry coffee grounds thinly in the soil will add nutrients back into the ground. Incorporate one or more of these suggestions and let your coffee grounds go green. 1. Add both coffee grounds and tea bags to compost piles - filters and all - to make an all-natural, rich source of energy for plants. 2. Dilute grounds with water to make a fast-acting fertilizer. 3. Use this fertilizer on your houseplants or outside in your veggie beds. 4. Sometimes these grounds deter snails and slugs, depending upon where you use them. 5. Plants that love acidic soil, including pines, berries, roses, azaleas, gardenias, rhododendrons, lily of the valley and marigolds will especially benefit from coffee grounds as they slightly lower the pH of the soil. 6. Garden worms seem to love coffee grounds. Aeration provided by tunneling worms is beneficial to your garden and may attract more garden type worms to your area. For time management, I keep the grounds in a container for about a week and then take them out to the garden and sprinkle in the dirt. For not much effort, hopefully my garden produces just a little bit better. Continue to enjoy your morning coffee or your afternoon tea, plus, you can help lessen the amount of garbage you toss each week.
To say I love coffee is an understatement. A rather gross understatement, at that. I am a coffee fiend. I love the smell, the taste, the texture, the boldness. As you would assume from that description, a simple cup...

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...e and the Via Vanilla Latte. The espresso is barely noticeable in the Via products. In truth the milky texture overpowers any hint of coffee been in the packages latte. While Starbucks coffee has priced their Via Vanilla and Mocha Latte well, the product is just not worth the cost. Each drink averages out to be two dollars a drink. Honestly I would not pay more for an eight oz Vanilla Latte. An in store Starbucks tall latte is $3.25. All in all, my honest opinion is to continue to visit your local Starbucks. Even though the cost is a dollar more per serving, having the rich taste of espresso come through is worth the price. Thankfully at the moment the only two Via products that I have a distaste for. So definitely venture out and try the other coffee travel packs. DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION:The Contributor was given a gift or sample to inform this content.

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