What Makes A Brand For Luxury? Essay

What Makes A Brand For Luxury? Essay

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Chapter Two – Luxury

2.1 - What defines a brand to be “luxury”?

Personally what makes a brand “luxurious” is the atmosphere and the emotions one feels once walking into a flagship store. Every brand has its unique photography style; its own color pallet and even the logo can give it a sense of high quality and set off emotions. Each brand presents itself to the world in either a traditional looking way, with the use of old but long standing typography. “The lower floor…devoted to the heritage of the Vuitton brand: luxurious…But upstairs is a Marc Jacobs wonderland.” This too supports my viewpoint on the environment inside a store, it plays a big role into creating strangers into loyal customers, the way the brand has been branded inside and through out the printed material will have an emotional impact on the customer coming through the doors to a well established and thriving brand. Taking one of the stores my father works for as an example, Frank Narmani has the look of a temple like interior, walking through the glass doors without touching them as they are opened for you by se...

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