What Makes A Best For Our Parents You Are Getting Divorced? Essay

What Makes A Best For Our Parents You Are Getting Divorced? Essay

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As parents we all want what’s best for our kids. We want them to have happy childhoods. We want them to do well in school so that they will have as many opportunities as possible to seek out a satisfying and fulfilling career. We want them to see the world, have adventures (safely), and be happy. We also want them to love and be loved. We want them to have someone who will always be there for them and for whom they will always be there in return. We really do. One thing parents don’t want for their kids is divorce. That’s not surprising and it’s not unexpected. Kids know this about their parents. So grown up kids who find themselves contemplating or in the midst of divorce will often falter when it comes to that moment when they need to actually tell their parents that their marriage is ending.

How to Tell Your Parents You Are Getting Divorced:

1. Choose an Appropriate Moment: This is one of those moments in life for which timing is just crucial. You may decide to sit down as a couple (albeit a divorcing couple) and tell both sets of parents together. You may feel it best to let t...

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