Essay What Makes A Bad Habit?

Essay What Makes A Bad Habit?

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Categorizing is a fundamental behavior people do daily to grasp an understanding of his or her surroundings. This includes other people one may come in contact with. By labeling or judging others, a person gains a better sense of that individual without actually getting to know them. The behavior has become so common in society today to the point that it happens naturally without one realizing it. However, this can be also be considered a bad habit, because labeling can also cause stereotypes and hostility towards others. By fully understanding why people label others, one may be more aware of his or her own thought process. Author Brenda J. Allen addresses this issue in her book, Difference Matters, so people can change their behavior of labeling others. In understanding why judging is so fundamental in society, people should be aware of their own thoughts and behaviors so that change in their behavior can be made for the better.
In today’s time, why someone judges another is also considered a precaution one takes to ensure that person displays appropriate behavior to the other. Allen says in her book “when we interact with people, we often draw on what we expect and assume about the groups they represent to form our attitudes, and to direct our behaviors” (Allen 2). By relying on stereotypes or preconceptions of other individuals, a person can infer how to interact with the other individual before getting to know him. Grouping someone also lets an individual predict how the person being grouped will act around that individual. Grouping or labeling other people is a way to foreshadow what can happen next between two people and to establish the proper actions needed to be taken. The appearance, dialect, and “personality of the ind...

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... on how they present themselves in order to make sense of who that someone is and what the situation is. It is not natural, however, to label others for the intentions of being rude. Knowing the difference can help the change the behavior of labeling others, as the overall act itself is unavoidable.
Overall, judging or labeling another is a natural behavior that cannot and should not be avoided. However, by knowing why it is essential in society, one can be more conscious of their own thoughts and actions towards other individuals. Stereotypes, misunderstandings and hostility about others can be minimized or diminished by understanding their points of views. People can push beyond the comfort boundaries of their own social groups and reach out to others. They can open up to others outside their social groups and change how society interprets one another completely. 

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