What Made WWI and WWII Different? Essay

What Made WWI and WWII Different? Essay

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War is like many things in life. War has made big changes a lot over time. Most things are unknown about war but there are some major differences between World war I and World War II. There are many different ways that World War I and World War II are different from each other. There are many differences between them. One difference between World War I and World War II is they had different reasons .World War I began because of an assassination. World War II began because Adolf Hitler did not keep his word and follow the Treaty of Versailles. Another way they are different is one was more destructive than the other World War II was very much worse than World War I . Lastly they both had different technology.Most people focus on how much both wars are so much alike. Such as who the wars were between; france, Austria-Hungary,Britain,and Germany. Mainly people do not realize how much they are different. Both wars are different in many ways but here are just a few things that made a major impact on what made them different.
War is an unforgettable time.World War I and World War II is just something in history that taught us what we do not want to happen again. Just like how World War I began.The trigger of world war I was an unforgettable time in history. June,28th, 1914 the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the trigger of World War I on July 28th 1914.Exactly one month after the Assassination. World War I made a big mess and damaged many things. This is one reason World War I and World War II are very much different. The start of World War I was different than World war II. World War II began on September,1st,1939. Adolf Hitler was the reasoning of this war he did not follow the treaty of versailles. Hitler had secr...

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...his case they would want to know how different they are. These are just a few ways they are different.

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