What Leads a Society to a Totalitarianism Regime Essay

What Leads a Society to a Totalitarianism Regime Essay

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Communism: "A concept or system of society in which the major resources and means of production are owned by the community rather than by individuals" ("Communism"). In the year 1848 the Communist Manifesto was constructed. The creators of the manifesto were, Karl Marx, the main Idealist and Friedrich Engles, who assisted Marx with his work. Marx and Engles had “hoped that the Manifesto’s eloquence would inspire a revolution all over Europe through which the workers would seize power, take the factories away from their owners and create a society free of class distinctions in which all property¬¬¬¬¬¬-land, buildings, machines and stores- would be owned by the state” (Miller 14). Marx found the name for his absolute society in the villages of the French communes, commonly defined as feudal villages. Feudal villages are villages that with hold land and crops in fee on the resulting relations between lord and villager (Forman 3). Primarily saying that lord of the village would allow the vassals to use their land in return for something like housing or food. The lord and the vassals are in relations to the men in charge of the country and the peasants within the country. The men or man in charge of the country will permit the peasants to live on the land and provide his/her protection but in return the peasant must then do as the lord asks of him (“The Middle Ages: Feudal Life”). Marx was not happy with just the feudal villages he wanted to see this type of living in a bigger society a more contemporary communist Europe. How Marx “saw it, other systems would give way or, if they fought back, be destroyed” (Forman 3). There are outside forces such as the absence of the class system, relief from stress stemming from economic strug...

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