What Kind Of Social Capital Did This Movement Foster? Essay

What Kind Of Social Capital Did This Movement Foster? Essay

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1. Changes in the economy and the increase in inequality in the United States have led to a variety of popular responses. One of these was the Occupy Wall Street movement, which began in 2011 as a small local protest in New York City. One of the slogans that emerged from the Occupy movement was "We are the 99%." The Occupy protests often drew strong responses from authorities like the police and from those who were unsympathetic to the protestors. Describe what kind of social capital did this movement foster?

The Occupy movement solidified a social activist movement within their greater local community. It fostered a change of ideology and values, which affected many communities. This movement kindled populist anger against banks four years after the financial crisis. Occupy sought to awaken people to the fact that poorly regulated banks and corporations associated with Wall Street were unsustainable institutions, whose economic and political power was at direct odds with democracy in the United States. Not only did this movement bring awareness to the issue of global inequality, but it also strived to educate many around the world and helped encourage them to fight against the corporate greed. This showed that people could come together and build a sense of community. This action made a political statement, took a stand for community and helped those who did not have access to food. The Occupiers wanted a community of people who helped each other, not a community of people who exploited other to make profit. What occupy participants are trying to influence all around the world is for people to put their differences of opinion, money, religions and politics aside and come together to conquer the issues going on in our communities...

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...opping websites or social media, until employers found out that many employees were spending more time doing online shopping, and being on Facebook and Twitter instead of doing actual work. People were falling behind on their work and constantly getting distracted. With that happening, policies changed and now all websites and social media have blocked access and computers are to be used for work related purposes only. With that policy change, things have changed in a positive way. Employees have the ability to communicate through work phones as needed, and there is less distractions and more focus on the work that needs to get done. Therefore, considering how much of an influence online networking is on individuals nowadays, allowing interoffice chat feature would lead to employees spending majority of their time networking and affect the company in a negative way.

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