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What Kind Of Promise? Essay

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What Kind of Promise?
It is early January and the New Year has just started, President Barrack Obama takes his podium on the chamber floor of the United States House of Representatives to deliver his 2015 installment of the annual address that has become a political tradition, the State of the Union. The State of the Union is a unique address for the president and his advisors because it is a well-known and widely watched event. In other words, President Obama knows he has the opportunity to capture the nation’s attention. He seized his opportunity by introducing several policy initiatives that he wanted to place on the political agenda. One of those policy proposals was America’s College Promise (ACP), an education reform initiative. It is the ACP proposal that is going to be evaluated in this paper. The education policy area as a whole will be briefly touched upon as well as some of the history that has led up to this proposal. The problems driving the policy change will be identified and the goals of the proposal will be examined. Finally, the proposal will be assessed in terms of several evaluative criteria such as, effectiveness, efficiency, and equity to name a few. In the end, a better understanding of just what kind of promise America’s College Promise is will be reached. (Obama, 2015)
Historical Contextualization of the Issues and Proposal.
Education policy is a particularly interesting policy area to examine historically. This is largely because the course of history as it pertains to education as a whole in the United States has taken quite a unique path. Up until the mid-twentieth century, education was dealt with by the states. Every state constitution guarantees citizens the right to education and states financial...

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.... Three main criteria areas will be looked at in depth. The first main criteria that will be examined is effectiveness, which means what is the likelihood that ACP achieves the goals that have been set for the policy. Next, the second main criteria is efficiency of the proposal will be assessed; efficiency deals with the cost-benefit analysis of the proposal. In other words, is the program going to achieve its goal while spending the least amount of money. The third main criteria is equity, equity deals with the fairness and justice that is involved in the policy. Aside from those three main evaluative areas, the criterion of feasibility and liberty issues will also be touched upon. The evaluative criterion that is going to being examined in this policy analysis have now been clearly stated and defined and the analysis of ACP is able to begin. (Kraft & Furlong, 2007)

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