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What Kind Of Pizza Are You? Quiz Essays

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Buzzfeed’s ‘What Kind of Pizza Are You?’ quiz is a fun way to pass time and it is amusing to share results amongst your friends or post it on Facebook and laugh about it. However, does knowing what kind of pizza you are really assist your life in many ways? Similar to most quizzes or tests that claim to identify your personality, they do not help you learn more about yourself or discover what you can do because of your personality type. On the contrary, the Myers-Briggs test is the first test I have ever taken that actually showed accurate results due to more than just pure coincidence. Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers created the Myers-Briggs test in 1943. Their goal was to make type theory understandable to individuals and groups and it is one of the most reliable psychological assessments, and is often used in business, education, government, personal, and so on. This test measures ones personality and elaborates on characteristics that one might show as well as careers that one could possibly excel at. The results of my test were completely accurate which was surprising because most quizzes online usually never succeed in labeling my personality correctly. Now, after taking this test I have discovered why that might be; I am an INFJ, which happens to be the most rare Myers-Briggs personality type in America: only 1.5%. Out of all the quizzes I have taken in my entire life, none of them have come anywhere close to actually assessing my personality, except for the Myers-Briggs test.

Out of the four letters that represent your personality type, the first letter is I (introversion) or E (extroversion). Introversion and extraversion are judged by whether or not you would prefer to spend your time alone doi...

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...councilor, all of which I could possibly excel in. I shared my results with my family and they agreed completely with my results, stating “its almost spooky how accurate it is”. Many of my friends also took the test and upon comparing results and our personality compatibility, the results were astounding. Each of my close friends was a match for Myers-Briggs compatibility and I was able to dig further and discover precisely how alike and different we all are. Of all the personality tests to take in the world, I believe this one is probably the most accurate test there is, and I would recommend anyone to take this test in order find more about themselves. Yes, it is fun to discover what pizza you are via one of Buzzfeed’s quizzes, but the Myers-Briggs personality indicator is so much more substantial and it is truly amazing to learn what type of person you really are.

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