What Kind Of Nursing Does This Organization Represent? Essay

What Kind Of Nursing Does This Organization Represent? Essay

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1. What kind of nursing does this organization represent?
The Nurses Organization of Veteran Affairs (NOVA) is an organization for nurses who work within the veteran healthcare system. These nurses take care of veterans who need assistance from a health care team, whether it is an injury from their time in the service or an illness that has occurred from their time away from the military. With all of the speculations about how terrible the Veteran Affairs (VA) health program is, I thought that this would be a great organization to explore. I am veteran and want to see what this country is doing to fix this problem, starting with the healthcare team that is put in charge of taking care of them.

2. Who can join? How much does it cost? What do you “get” for that fee?
To join this organization you have to be a registered nurse at a VA hospital whether it is full-time, part-time, and/or intermittent status. If you currently are a nurse at the VA the dues are 115 dollars annually. If you are retired from the VA as a nurse your dues are only 50 dollars annually. If you would like an associate membership, you have to be a supporter or sponsor of NOVA, which is usually an organizations or corporations. The annual dues for an associate membership are 250 dollars annually. If you are unable to pay a lump sum, the money can be taken out of your paycheck in small increments. By becoming a member you are able to attend many educational webinars for free. Since the VA has such strong ties to the government, becoming a member can give you a strong voice on Capital Hill on issues affecting the veteran community and the nurses that are caring for them. All members are available for term life insurance and long term disability insurance. Many you...

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...tice and assist new nurses with the job they are choosing to pursue as a future. The profession of nursing depends a lot on these organizations for the benefits and the representation that they entail. Many nursing facilities do not offer the benefits that these organizations offer, assisting them in the long run of their career. By joining an organization the nurse will get the best and most up to date nursing information about important factors that are affecting the nursing world. This key information can better assist its members in their job field that they are pursuing. By having the most up to date information from professionals the nurse can better complete their job, ensuring that the patients is not readmitted for the same cause that brought them to the hospital. These organizations are forming the future of nursing one evidence-based project at a time.

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