Essay on What it takes to be a hero

Essay on What it takes to be a hero

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The media is quick to attach the word “hero” to anyone that does a good deed. I disagree with this because, good deeds don’t necessarily make you a hero, they make you a good person. Being heroic should come naturally. Heroes are born, not made. A hero must be courageous, kind-hearted and humble.
I understand that many people have their own view on what a hero is. People label heroes by the things they do. Some even label people heroes just because they are famous. There is a big difference between a role model and a hero. It was expressed best in the article, What Makes A Hero? The Impact of Integrity on Admiration and Interpersonal Judgment, “Doing the right thing is a basis for acts of heroism and laudable accomplishment but often involves personal sacrifice. Doing the expedient thing is a basis for acts of self-indulgence and opportunism but often at a cost to others. ” (Schlenker, B. R., Weigold, M. F., & Schlenker, K. A., 2008)
In the article, What do heroes look like? And, what makes them heroes? Daniel Hobbs says “In my youth, most of my heroes were religious and sports figures that were larger than life.” (Hobbs, Daniel, 2007). Lots of people would consider these people heroes but are they really? The definition of a hero is: A person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. I don’t think people really take that definition into account when they, so easily, give that title away. People usually make up their own definition of what a hero is.
The problem with people coming up with their own definition is that its not completely their own idea. In my opinion I think they are all heroes to someone, point being that everyone's idea of a hero is different. Pe...

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... given to those who actually deserve it and not to those who crave the attention that comes with the title.

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