What It Take to Be a Scholarly Writier Essay

What It Take to Be a Scholarly Writier Essay

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Scholarly writing is no different from all other writing, except, beside it having a purpose and having an audience like any other writings, scholarly writing is evidence-based (Laureate Education, 2012). It is important, since the scholar-practitioner write for a specific audience, that his or her material be free of personal opinion, assumption, and bias. When writing a scholarly material, a scholar-practitioner has to be objective in tone, write clearly, concise, produce a mechanically correct writing that contains evidence-based material.
Before starting writing, a scholar-practitioner, first would consider the purpose of the writing, then the audience being addressed in the writing. As a Walden student and a scholar-practitioner, we have a specific type of audience, which includes faculty, staff, and classmates, and members of the larger scholarly community. These are professional who are very critical informed readers with high expectations who expect writers to be objective with the words they use and the ideas they present to convey the purpose of their message (Laureate Education, 2013). It is important that the scholar-practitioner and as Walden University Student understand that those professional are ready and available to provide professional feedback and the tools based on evidence presented in the writing to promote learning and academic growth.

In day-to-day writing, which include email, blog, letters, or even text messages, the write most of the time have a message to convey to a specific person or a group. However the message is convey using assumptions, feelings, hear-says, or in most cased, on unchecked or unverified statements. Although this practice might not have any consequences in the se...

... middle of paper ...

...hority on a specific field. In this case, a more recent statistical data form either a government agency like Department of Education would have been a more reliable source then Business Week in 2001, unless the source of information was generated by common research sources (Laureate Education, 2013). In short, this writing can use a major overhaul when it comes to bias, opinion, quality of evidence, and appropriateness to its target audience.

In conclusion, when writing, a scholar-practitioner has to ensure he or she present appropriate material to the targeted audience without personal opinion, assumption, and bias. Additionally it is essential that writer, not only checks the validity and quality of the evidence use, but that the writing is objective in tone, clear, concise, and produce a mechanically correct writing that contains evidence-based material.

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