Essay on What It Is Used For The Text Without Giving My Personal Opinion

Essay on What It Is Used For The Text Without Giving My Personal Opinion

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• I know what evidence is, what it is used for, and why it is important.
• I can read a nonfiction article and determine the central idea of the text, and how that central idea is conveyed in the text.
• I can provide a summary of an informative or nonfiction text without giving my personal opinion on the text.
• I can answer comprehension questions about the informative/ explanatory text I have just read, and cite textual evidence to support my analysis and inferences about the text.

Formal Assessments-
News ELA Article Evidence Chart Activity- Students in designated pairs or small groups will read a Newsela article on the “Turnaround Arts” Program, and then work together to answer comprehension questions in a graphic organizer and cite textual evidence to support their answers to each question.
Ticket Out the Door Activity- Students on a blank index card will be instructed to write down what the central idea of the newsela article they read that day was, the definition of evidence, and why it is important to provide evidence to support your inferences and analysis of a text, and then turn that notecard in as the exit the classroom.
Informal Assessments-
Oral discussion and questioning will be used to monitor students’ comprehension throughout the lesson, and also at the end of the lesson the teacher will use a rating scale in which students will be asked to hold up 1 to 5 fingers to represent how well they feel they have grasped the key learning targets of this lesson. One finger meaning the student is feeling very unsure or confused about the information, and a 5 being they feel they have mastered the knowledge and skills of that lesson.

• Introduction to New Unit, State Standards and Learning Tar...

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...em to comprehend by reading the article. Also, these struggling students will be given copies of the question and evidence chart where all but one of the questions requires levels one to two depth of knowledge thinking and reasoning.
The advanced students in the class will be given a newsela article written at a eighth to ninth grade Lexile level, and be given on a copy of the question and evidence chart where all of the questions require level two to three depth of knowledge thinking and reasoning.

Key Instructional Materials –
• Class set of folders.
• IPad for each student pair/ small group.
• Smartboard Projector.
• Teacher Computer with PowerPoint slide show and YouTube video pulled up.
• Copies of the vocabulary word map graphic organizer.
• Copies of the newsela article, and question and evidence organizer differentiated for students.

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