What Is Your Objectives Before Attending A Job Interview Essay

What Is Your Objectives Before Attending A Job Interview Essay

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5 How to define your objectives

You should also define your objectives before attending a job interview. The objectives refer to what you want to achieve from the interview. The most obvious objective would be to be hired, but you should think beyond this as well. If you are heading out to your first ever job interview, your objective might be to learn from the experience and to gain confidence going forward. On the other hand, it might be to create connections with the organisation beyond being hired.

Why the check before an interview?

• Provides you clarity to answer big questions. Understanding what your interview objectives are will help you answer the questions more clearly, because you are approaching the interview with a sense of purpose. For example, if your goal is to improve your ability to answer the questions and gain more experience, you’ll probably prepare with a better sense of focus. The goals will give you clarity for preparing for the interview and staying calm during it, as you know what aspects you want to emphasise during the interview.
• Helps you measure the success of the interview. According to Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts, only 2% of online applications receive an invitation to an interview. Now consider that only one person will actually be hired for the role. Therefore, the likelihood you’ll go to a number of interviews without the being hired at the ends is extremely high. You simply can’t measure the success only in terms of whether you receive a job offer or not. By defining your objectives, you can more accurately measure the success of the interview. It can ensure you don’t consider your efforts as a failure, simply because you didn’t get the job. You’ll be able to take the good...

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... the building as much as 30-minutes before the interview. Don’t go in too early, as it might create an uncomfortable situation inside. Find a little café or other calm corner to gather your thoughts. Stick to the 15-minute rule.
 Don’t rely on assumptions about timetables and routes. You might know the city inside out; you are aware of the train timetables and could cite them in your dreams, but you can’t trust these assumptions on the big day. Download a local travel app or similar alert systems to double check things are running as they should be.
 Don’t travel without money. In terms of logistics, you need to have both cash and a payment card with you. You might have to pay an extra toll or ticket if the route changes or the parking space might have higher fees to the ones you prepared for. Ensure you have enough cash with you to overcome these little obstacles.

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