What is Vocal Health and Why is Vocal Health Relevant to Contemporary Singing

What is Vocal Health and Why is Vocal Health Relevant to Contemporary Singing

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Human voice is an expressive musical instrument as people use their own voices to perform pieces or songs with or without any other instruments. If the voice is damaged to a serious stage, it can be lost forever. Therefore, vocal health is important to singers to take care their voices. In the following discussion we will discuss what the vocal health is, why it is relevant to contemporary singing from vocal anatomy, physiology and voice function.

Vocal health
Vocal health is the ideal operating of the vocal mechanism (Hughes, 2002). The voice is created from interaction among numerous parts of the body. (Benninger & Abitbal, 2006) The vocal mechanism has five components includes breath energy, larynx, resonating tract, articulators, and mind (Hughes, 2014). The lungs are as the activator that supplies air with breathing for the vocal folds to vibrate. It is an excellent command of the movements of the vocal folds, and it is flexible for speaking and singing. And the resonator that includes pharynx, oral and nasal cavities give the tone and style for the voice (Benninger & Abitbal, 2006). And those can be taken care by vocal care strategies. All parts are needed to protect and take care to avoid injury. The following information are the useful methods to take care the voice.
1. Warm-up before singing
To get the best voice of singing, breathe properly and deeply, with the expanding outward diaphragm, as breathing is in the respiratory system of the vocal instrument. Then, sing the scales, go up to the voice range and go down. It can relax the vocal folds and expand the capacity of the lungs (McCoy, 2004). For example, start warm-up exercises with ‘br’ in different notes and sing ‘nor’ in 5-note scales with different range.

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... And many of them are forced to halt a tour to have a rest or have a surgery for their voices because many problems such as stresses, smoking, voice overuse and noisy environments, etc. For example, Adele who is a British singer has cancelled her tours and undergone a laser surgery for the vocal folds because of the great pressure of the tour. This lead to a long period to fully recover and she cannot get back to work in a short period. Another singer John Mayer needed to have surgery because of a granuloma that created by irritation of the vocal cords and he stopped the album work until his voice has recover also (Hatschek, 2012). Therefore, we can see that vocal health is so important to contemporary singing and when once your voice is hurt, the damage is permanent. Prevention and vocal care strategies are serious important to keep the voice in great health.

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