Essay on What is Visual Crowding?

Essay on What is Visual Crowding?

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The Fly in the ointment was the visual crowding of the Visual System

Actually, many people don’t understand their visual system and don’t know how it functions. Most people believe if they can see the world, object clearly that means their visual system is perfect.
However, the Fly in the ointment was the visual crowding of the Visual System.
What is visual crowding? Why it is important in our visual system? And how it functioned? Can it be avoided? We can get the answer in below.
Visual crowding
According to D. M. Levi (2007), visual crowding was defined as the deleterious influence of nearby flankers on visual discrimination. That means, visual object in our periphery version is more easily to recognize if the object was shown in isolation but difficult to identify when there are other objects surrounded nearby. (ECVP (2008)
So, the reason for the study of visual crowding is because it can increase our knowledge on object recognition processes for example, feature integration. (Levi, (2008)
At past, there were lots of theories said crowding is in a multiple levels with explanation. For example, a connection among neurons with nearly tuning characters causes crowding in visual cortex, for instance in V1. However, Zero of past theories can provide adequate explanations for crowding. On the other hand, revealing the neural mechanism of crowing is the most direct way to search for neural locus of crowding (Bi, T. &Cai, P. & Zhou, TG. & Fang, F, 2008)
In V1, there is no distinct in adjusting to the effect among the flanked and unflanked conditions. However, in V2/V3, stronger adaptation effect in unflanked condition than those in the flanked condition was showed.(Bi, T. &Cai, P. & Zhou, TG. & Fang,F(2...

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...ical pathway. In Dorsal pathway, it provides visual information that detects movement of the objects while in Ventral pathway; it provides visual information about recognition of the object. The distinct properties of location (where) and shape (what) are estimates from very differently sized regions. (Majaj, M. J. & Palomares, M. & Pelli D.G.(2004)
Yes, there is nothing perfect in the world, including our visual system. Not just having blind spot, but also visual crowding. Although crowding had been classify into a key fact that how people visually recognize objects,(Pelli, D. G. (2008)however, it cannot be avoided nowadays. We can see that human visual system is very complicated system. It still has a very long distance to find out all details of our visual system. To this end, our psychologists and neurobiologist are fighting for their study hardly.

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