Essay on What is Ultimately Leading to People Ending their Marriages?

Essay on What is Ultimately Leading to People Ending their Marriages?

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That is what fifty percent of Americans are doing. What is ultimately leading to people ending their marriages? The spectrum ranges from simple to complicated. “And divorce rates would climb now that couples had broader access” (Abrams). People believe couples are more likely to divorce because it has become so much easier to do so. But why should people need to stay in an unhealthy marriage, is it just because society thinks the reasons for divorce are irrelevant? What may be just a bump in the road for one person, could be a deal breaker for the other. Many factors contribute to the high and growing divorce rate. Lack of communication, Infidelity, and abuse are the most recorded reasons. Communication, trust, and love are key success factors in a healthy relationship. If any of these are lacking, it is inevitable that the marriage will suffer as well.
Lack of communication is one of the leading causes of divorce. Simple as it may seem, people not sharing things and not being united with their one another can really tear marriages apart. People need to feel connections. When it is not there, people struggle. A few reasons may lead to miscommunication ranging from busy lifestyles, to personality differences and even over familiarity. Couples with busy lifestyles just don’t have time for each other, which can really put a strain on a relationship. “For couples today, the immediate causes of divorce may range from factors as diverse as the personal psychological characteristics of one or both spouses to the stress of economic hardship and community integration” (Cootnz). When couples have a stressful job or kids, their lives could start going in opposite directions. People may also not realize how different they really are until y...

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