What is the State of the Union Address? Essay

What is the State of the Union Address? Essay

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The State of the Union (SOU) Address
According to Peters (2006), the State of Union Address represents an address, which is usually presented by the United States President. The address is often directed to the U.S Congress in a joint session. The address occurs once per calendar year. At the core of this report is to relate the conditions that America is experiencing (Peters, 2006).
However, the address is often motivated towards allowing the president to outline his or her legislative agenda, for which they need the congress’ cooperation, as well as, his or her national priorities. Peters (2006) further progressed that the address is often in fulfillment of the laws spelled in Article II, Section 3 of the United States’ constitution. The laws require the American president to provide the Congress with information on the “State of the Union," and provide recommendations on any measures that the president deems expediently and necessary, as well. The law requires this to be done periodically. Initially, especially in the 15th century, the American president was only required to avail the Congress with a report.
However, with the advent of technology, especially television and radio, the address is now broadcasted throughout the country through several networks.
Speech delivery
Protocol followed in entering the house chamber
After every member of the house have seated in their seats for the joint session, the speaker is addressed by the Deputy Sergeant at Arms. First the Speaker and then the Vice President, the members of the Senate and House to escort the President into the house chamber, are selected. For the second time, the Deputy Sergeant at Arms then addresses the speaker.

He then calls for the Dean of the Diplomatic Corp...

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... which the US military is configured, are falling while unconventional and irregular wars are rising, yet the military is still paying and at the same time procuring for a cold-war-based defense system. In order to meet the profiled challenges, there is a necessity to shift the manner in which the military allocates its resources (Bernanke, 2012). With this, there will be a possible decrease in the overall defense spending.
Another measure would be to raise the federal gasoline tax by at least one dollar per gallon. Presently, the gas tax is 18.4 cents per every gallon (Bernanke, 2012). Increasing this level of tax would result into a marked increase in revenue and at the same time cause a reduction in gas consumption. Carbon emissions would also be reduced and incentives to automakers could be provided in order to increase efficiency of fuel use in their vehicles.

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