What is the Risk of Social Media In the Classroom? Essay

What is the Risk of Social Media In the Classroom? Essay

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There are places and content offline that is inappropriate to students and so it is online. This has been a major concern for educators and the society as a whole. However this does not deter the increased use of technology including social media in the classroom. Social media tools have become a part of people’s lives so it is easy to integrate it in the classroom, (Brooks, 2014). However, there are many risks associated with integrating social media tools in the classroom just as there are risks associated with the traditional use of online tools. E-safety issue is one of the major risks involved in the use of social media tools in the classroom as there is a risk of putting students’ safety and privacy at risk. According to (Mackenzie, 2012), several risks involved: computer security, issues relating to antivirus, password and firewall as well as email scams. Faculty and administration along with the students need to be aware of the risks entailed in the use of social media in the classrooms.
There are reports of sexual predators online which is of grave risk to the students online. Due to the anonymity of the Internet in forums and chat room there are persons whose may focus is to lure children into their web of deception. Students have to be informed and encouraged about the friends they chose on these sites.
Students ignoring school rules and policies students operating online often times forget the school rules and policies as they often times do not make the connection with social media and the school and the fact that anything posted on social media tools does have an impact on the school. There is also the risk of students posting things on social media sites that can have a negative impact on them in the future. For e...

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