What Is The Right Way Of Life? Essay

What Is The Right Way Of Life? Essay

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What is the right way of life?

The influence of religion is so powerful that it had spread like wildfire across many parts of the region. This changed people way of thinking, giving them a second thought to judge their lifestyle they’re living. The renaissance contributed to this new ideology, how there’s more to life than just death. How there’s good in the earth just as there’s evil and the explanation of natural disasters. Some people figured out there’s a force field of good hovering the earth. Leading people to encourage everyone to accept the most good and powerful God; in order to be saved from their evil self. This made sense to everyone. That realization urges people to follow the pathway to heaven .Chaucer wrote “The Canterbury Tales” to describe the system the European adapted long ago and how controversial it has gotten because people are trying to figure out the right way of life. The wife of Bath is a peculiar character Chaucer explained, in order to get a reaction from his audience. He included Bath’s view in the struggles of sexuality amongst woman and an insight to her thoughts in the most twisted way. Bath found it hard to follow the same journey in being a Christian, due to the fact of personally experiencing the system of humanism prohibiting her from accepting the divine law of Christianity.
The Christian belief towards marriage is people must marry before engaging in love making. Marriage is very important showing the commitment between two people. If there’s no proof of marriage to present to the congress and God, would mean people wouldn’t be allow to engage in sexual activity; resulted in not being able to be fruitful. This concept sound good but Bath believe people are abusing the act of marriage. It’...

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...e system that can finally benefit women in the long run. Bath want a society similar to Umoja, a village in Kenya , founded in 1990, is an all-female matriarch village. The village only contain females, no males are allowed because they are tired of all the rape, abuse, and mistreat act coming from males. Well, Bath think the same way . She want the role to switch for once because she want to hold the same power for once. That’s a terrible way of thinking in her time period.
Bath can’t seem to follow the society religious move. She judge life based on her past experienced with men, giving her reasons to shape her life on logical proof . Bath experience is not really a way to stop anti-feminist. She’s more focus in introducing a system focusing on the importance of human needs. The people in her society are against her vision .But she thinks what is the right way?

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