Essay on What is the Real Cost of Coffee?

Essay on What is the Real Cost of Coffee?

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When you buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks, what are you actually paying for? Unfortunately, the most expensive commodity in a cup of coffee is the cup itself. Large franchise businesses make their profits through commercial promotions, and branding rather than the products they sell. (1) This leads to unequal distributions of profits allow large businesses such Starbucks and Nestle to maximize their profits and allow us to enjoy an affordable cup of coffee. Currently the rate of coffee is lower than it should be because of overproduction of coffee across the globe and this is exactly what consumers want. Even though, the high supply of this commodity will have devastating effect on the producers. The purpose of this essay is to discuss how consumers are able to pay minimal cost for coffee by corporations underpaying and are manipulating farmers through government policies. In addition, we need to examine the how these actions come at an expense of environmental and health consequences.
Large corporations aim to maximize their profits and increase their returns to shareholders. At the same time businesses want to set a reasonable price for their products, since they want their products to be financially available to their customers. They achieve this by paying producers an unregulated price of coffee that is usually below $0.80 per pound. (8) This rate for coffee is far below the cost of production that farmers have to invest. Ideally coffee farmers should be paid a minimum of $1.24 per pound to produce coffee beans sustainably. (2) The rates of coffee have even sunk as low as $0.40 per pound because of an increased production of coffee and minimal consumption. (3)These increases in production consequently lead to lower labour cos...

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What is real cost of coffee? Essay

- When you buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks, what are you actually paying for. Unfortunately, the most expensive commodity in a cup of coffee is the cup itself. Large franchise businesses make their profits through commercial promotions, and branding rather than products they sell. (1) Currently the rate of coffee is lower than it should be because of the overproduction of coffee across the globe. The overproduction of this commodity has a devastating effect on the producers. This paper will discuss the reasons for minimal cost of coffee that occur because farmers are underpaid for their goods and how they are manipulated by large corporations and the government....   [tags: Large Corporations, Prices, Products]

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