Essay on What Is The Paradox Of Harm?

Essay on What Is The Paradox Of Harm?

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Consult the textbook, Chapter 5. Write a coherent document in which you answer the following questions. What is the Paradox of Harm? Apply it to creation of babies by IVF or cloning.
What is the Paradox of harm? According to the textbook the paradox of harm is the idea that someone can be harmed just by being born. This idea is used because some people think that when using in vitro fertilization the chances of the child or children having disabilities is raised and if a women has a child or children and knows that they will most likely have a disability should the parents be held responsible for not terminating the pregnancy. I think that there are many different reasons that people could be for or against IVF or cloning, but I think most of people concerns come from not being very well educated on the subject.
In my opinion I think that one of the main reasons people are against IVF or cloning of embryos is that there is a higher chance of an abortion. During in vitro fertilization there is a chance of multiple pregnancies and if there are multiple babies a lot of times the docto...

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