What Is The Most Important Thing You Have Learned? Essay

What Is The Most Important Thing You Have Learned? Essay

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What is the most important thing you have learned in college?

University, to me, is a totally different concept from high school, where teachers, expert in their specific field, would introduce you to the beauty of it. Yet, after my two-and-half-year college life, I gradually come to realize that although professors at college are good at teaching, the most important thing I have learned is to learn by oneself.

You may probably say that it sounds a little self-contradictory. In fact, it is. But, as for me, it is also the truth.

Here is the reason why I believe so.

Back in China, there is a world difference between college life and high school life, especially in terms of the way to studying. During senior high school years, despite the fact that our timetable was full and fixed, the assignments and tests were due one after another, and even sometimes we were overloaded with the information and knowledge, which, consequently, could turn into negative burden, the process of learning in high school was still pleasant and enjoyable.

For one thing, in China, all secondary schools learning culminates in College Entrance Examination, which means that each student would strive with all night for a key university, because, to some extent, it is a guarantee of a promising future. That is to say, Chinese high school students, bearing the only goal in mind to pursue, try to score high as possible as they can. Sometimes, you know, a clear and definite target makes people more focused and motivated.

Besides, teachers in secondary school, particularly the teacher in charge of a class, tend to be more attentive to students. When it’s their time to give a lecture, they plan every section of the class with much thought and efforts, not only g...

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...se is that, one single step grieved me. I could have told my parents, or my friends, how terrible my situation was, but they were too far away to help. It would only make them worry. Thus, I chose to keep it from them, and handle it by myself. I asked my host family for help, trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. Then I made an appointment on the school health center web, went to a doctor and took regular and adequate rest according to doctor’s orders from then on.

Now, I defeat the illness devils and feel much better, which can also be interpreted as my first victory of independence abroad.

True, it would be better if accompanied by someone or a couple of friends to go through thick and thin, but one should always have the ability and strength of mind to endure the most miserable moments alone.

That is the most valuable thing I have learned from college.

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