What Is The Most Important Challenge You Face? Hr Management Today? Essays

What Is The Most Important Challenge You Face? Hr Management Today? Essays

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I had an informal interview with Darla, the HRBP for Pet Supplies Plus. She works with a team that sets strategic goals for employee relations, in operations, sales, marketing, and human resources. Darla has worked for PSP for seven years. Her strategic management planning and her ability to formulate policies and procedures on a vast array of subjects within the human resources department makes her an excellent participant for this work.
Me: What is the most important challenge you face in HR management today?
Darla: Our most important challenge is hiring and training people to work and then retaining them. No one has the loyalty to stay with a company. They are always looking for the better pay, better benefits, better whatever of life, even if they like their job and are good at it. For me, it becomes a challenge to hire people who want to be in our company and train them, while keeping the job challenging for them. We also have to meet the offerings of other companies in terms of compensation and benefits. For example, one young man we hired, stayed with us for two years then left.
Me: Do you think this is the same challenge others face in the field?
Darla: I do think it relates. It is hard to recruit people who are looking for a position with long term advancement benefits. Retention is always an issue these days. Sometimes we win, others we don’t. I would like to think that succession planning has reached a point where people can see the benefits of staying and building their careers with our company, but it seems unlikely for most hires that this is an enticement and it’s not just in the financial field.
Me: How do you and your team handle change?
Darla: Carefully. We communicate daily and that is not just withi...

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...d service. However, for HR, sometimes the change is needed to improve knowledge, increase skills, or welcome new ideas and this means diversity.
Diversity increases must be planned. They must work within the vision and the strategic plan and help to support both. So making changes becomes a new field of possibilities that HR must approach with both caution and purpose if the company and its employees and employee relationships are to thrive in these new highly competitive markets. Technology and its use for knowledge management and information is another area that is new and challenging the HRM field. How to adjust to technology, hire people with the skills and understanding to take knowledge and information to the next level to increase competitive edge for an organization, is going to provide a wide area of research for academics and practice for HR professionals.

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