What is the Exact Meaning of the Term Internet? Essay

What is the Exact Meaning of the Term Internet? Essay

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Over the past decades, people used the traditional forms of communication to pass message to one another. They could send smoke signals, drum beats as well as verbal communication. As technology advanced, radio and television were discovered. Another boom in the technology development as far as communication is concerned is when a communication satellite was initiated in the 1960s. Nowadays radio, newspaper, TV and the internet are the main media used with internet being the most popular due to the use of social media.
What is the exact meaning of the term internet? Internet has been defined differently by different people. The common definition is that, it is a worldwide group of computer networks connected together through media in which they enable users to share information and other resources. To allow the sharing, they use protocols like TCP/IP which are set rules that govern how computers communicate with one another independent the location and platforms. Internet is not owned by anybody and since it allows people in different locations to share information, it is sometimes referred to as the World Wide Web (WWW)
Many social media sites are gaining popularity nowadays with the most commonly known being face book, twitter and Skype. Others include LinkedIn, frim and craigslist, whatsApp among others. As a result, these sites now affect almost all the aspects of our lives, starting from the way we do our shopping over the internet, how we work as well as how we manage our relationships. It is not amazing, that even the private business sector has long known that it’s a prospective way for persuading their consumers. Campaigners too have recognized its power and are using it as a back-up tool for their supporters.
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...cial networking platforms and by doing that, the Black American won the Presidential seat during the general elections of US. Social media also assists other people to sustain weaker ties like the earlier colleagues they occasionally see in persons.
Social media can be used to impact change in a range of dissimilar ways, from changing consumer behavior to increasing someone’s pledge to voting. Organizations which use the Internet to mobilize people on the causes of social justice, have incorporated social media into their campaign policies, and an increasing number of civil society organizations are nowadays using social media to strengthen their message. For example, Hope Not Hate9 - an anti-racism group – has garnered over 50,000 Facebook fans and has used its page to do everything from sharing music videos to offering live reports from far right demonstrations.

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