What Is Shared Knowledge Can Shape Personal Knowledge? Essay

What Is Shared Knowledge Can Shape Personal Knowledge? Essay

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With reference to two areas of knowledge
discuss the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge.

Shaping knowledge is similar to reevaluating what a person may consider to be true. While this is neither a positive or negative thing, it impacts the progression of the world, in terms of societal cues, which is constantly reliant on continued shared knowledge among individuals. Shared knowledge shapes personal knowledge, and this is done by strengthening personal knowledge or by bringing its validity into question. This is dependent on the individual accepting knowledge. Some people may not have experienced a certain type of situation, so they would not be able to rely on the memory aspect of a way of knowing. However, these individuals would be able to use information given through shared knowledge in order to shape their own knowledge. This continuous cycle is brought about through connections being made in certain Areas of Knowledge and from the initial sharing of knowledge.
If the Area of Knowledge Natural Sciences is considered, then it is clear that shared knowledge often becomes personal knowledge. For example, scientists routinely use the Scientific Method, which was developed thousands of years ago, as a result of personal experiments which were shared. Technically, the Scientific Method is simply a constructive method of trial and error. Through variations within this method, new discoveries have been made which have ultimately shaped the personal knowledge of each individual scientist, as well as the general public. Furthermore, as these personal experiences have been shared throughout time with other individuals and the publi...

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...oward a certain faith can tarnish that faith if people are not willing to fully comprehend the situation as well as the actual belief system. In order for shared knowledge to have any impact on personal knowledge, there must first be shared knowledge. People must be willing to share the personal knowledge which they have gained only from their personal experience. Once that knowledge is shared, people must then be willing to accept it, so consequently it can then shape their personal knowledge, which then will help the world continue to progress and evolve.
Word Count: 1211

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