What Is Organizational Structure Provides The Flexibility And Innovation At The Growing Market?

What Is Organizational Structure Provides The Flexibility And Innovation At The Growing Market?

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The Learning Organization
According to Hussein, Mohamad, Noordin, and Ishak (2013) organizations that explore diverse ideas and aspire the workers to continue to improve will keep the company competitive in the changing market. The purpose of this paper is to discuss which organizational structure provides the flexibility and innovation to compete in the growing market. This article will compare the differences between traditional and learning organization. Next, this essay explores the positive and negative effects of functioning continuously in a learning and traditional organization. Lastly, this paper reviews how an innovative leader operates in a traditional organization and how a non-innovative leader operates in a learning organization.
Characteristic of Tradition and Learning Organization
Jing, Li, Xuemin, and Kuo (2013) noted that traditional organizations are structured in a hierarchical and meticulously manner and have a standardized, power level, and complex structure. According to Fillion et al. (2015) traditional organizations provide companies with a hierarchical structure where instructions come from the top down. Also, traditional managers focused on their work center and reacted to situations while leaders in a learning organization are proactive. In a learning organization, employees can innovate and share knowledge freely. Another characteristic of a good learning center is all work centers are connected to form a loop.
Most scholars admire the theoretical legacy of Peter Senge’s five characteristics of a learning organization, namely personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, and systems thinking. However, Fillion, Koffi, and Ekionea (2015) took a critical perspective of Senge’s five disci...

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...hose employees that are used to exploring would stop.
When an organization is viewed as an outstanding organization, everyone wants to know about the leader behind the organization (Maxwell, 2011). Some examples of highly successful companies are Apple, Microsoft, Intel, and General Electric. The leaders of these organizations were rigid, flexible, and innovative. This paper discussed organizational structure that provided the flexibility and innovation to compete in the changing market. This article compared the differences between traditional and learning organization. Next, this essay explored the positive and negative effects of functioning continuously in a learning and traditional organization. Lastly, this paper reviewed how an innovative leader function in a traditional organization and how a non-innovative leader worked in a learning organization.

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