What is Needed to Make Your Dreams Come True? Essay

What is Needed to Make Your Dreams Come True? Essay

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Many people have dreams. Not everyone gets to achieve their dreams. Those who do, though, have their ways of doing it. Joe Slowinski was a determined herpetologist that started at an early age. He and his family took a trip to Kyoko, Japan where he would spend all day looking for interesting creatures to bring home or creatures that just interested him in general. He was interested in the koi ponds in particular. He saw one, and his "go get 'em" attitude would stop at nothing until he did. (James 17) This same attitude toward his career and life goals made him the successful herpetologist that he ended up being later in his life. Devotion, perseverance, and being a role model in everything you do or want to do are all ways that you can achieve your dreams and make them a reality.
Devotion is a key in making your dreams come true. If you aren't fully devoted to your dream, then why would you spend so much time or work so hard to get it at all? Joe Slowinski's devotion came in a rather odd test. A friend of his told him that he had a bag of dead snake for Joe to come and collect. Joe jumped at the opportunity and ecstatically accepted the offer. When he arrived at the location to obtain the snakes, the guard would not let Joe in…because it was a nudist resort. The only way Joe would procure the snakes would be if he went outside of his comfort zone and take off all his clothes. He may have gotten a break and been able to put a towel around his waist, but when he found his friend amongst all the people completely in the nude, he, too sat playing the piano with no clothes. (James 83) This goes to show, in the odd way that it did, that Joe Slowinski would not let anything get in his way to fulfilling his dream as a successful h...

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...ause of how different they were. As extreme as it may sound, it is a real possibility for people such as them to do something like that.
When it comes to achieving your dreams, many of us don't know where to start. There are so many things to be done and all you have is one lifetime. Cindy Pummill was a part of a program to make kids more successful in their paths to academic success. She said, "There's a difference between a dream and envisioning it -- which makes it more realistic." By this she means that you must envision your dream to make it more realistic. By being devoted to your dream and all the actions needed to get you closer to your goal, persevering through the tough times and when people tell you can't do it or they don't have faith in you, and being a role model for others in your own path to success, you can make your own dreams become a reality.

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