Essay on What Is Music And How Is It Bad?

Essay on What Is Music And How Is It Bad?

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Against Music
What is music and how is it bad? According to Mo Tzu, “Making music is bad!” (Tzu, 425) He believes there are more important things to do with your time than to create music. Creating goods for the community, stimulating finical growth with the goods, and time management are more important that creating music.
What is considered music? Music is defined as: “Not only singing and playing instruments but also dancing, banquets, and other expensive entertainments that went along with the enjoyment of music by wealthy people in ancient China” (Tzu, 425). In other words, music is any delightful community event that is expensive and takes time away from the community. It includes all stages ranging from the planning stages to the main event. Including the creation of the instruments, stages drawn up and constructed, feeding the people, and paying them for using up their time.
Why is creating music bad? Creating music is bad because there will always be a more valuable duty that needs to be completed to sustain the community. Creating goods like pots, pans, clo...

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