Essay about “What is more important: children, environment, wealth, or education?”

Essay about “What is more important: children, environment, wealth, or education?”

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Review of Literature
This paper asks the question: “What is more important: children, environment, wealth, or education?” This review of literature incorporates different views on how these three things ought to be prioritized.
Current Demographic Trends
Late Marriages
Americans are getting married later and later. Several factors have led to this, including more women getting college educations, more women entering the workforce and more women thinking marriage is unnecessary (Jayson). Detailed graphs of these trends are available in the appendices. In figure 1, the trend towards marriages later in life can be seen.

figure 1 (Data from United States Census Bureau)
When couples get married later in life , they fewer children because they have fewer fertile years in the marriage. Compare figure one to figure two. During the “baby boom” the median marriage age was at its lowest.
Fertility Rate
The birth rate is the number of births in a year per one thousand people recorded halfway through the year (“Country Comparison”). The fertility rate is the amount of children born per woman age fifteen to forty-nine (Haines). The current American birth rate is 13.83 and the current fertility rate is 2.067 among white Americans (Statistical Abstract). The replacement rate is the birthrate required for a population to remain the same. Statisticians put the replacement rate somewhere between 2.1 to 2.5 (“Dearth”). The two children are to replace their parents while the extra tenths added after two are to compensate for children who die before they can reproduce.
In Protestant America, the fertility rate has been in a steady decline since the country was founded, with the exception of the “baby boom” resulting from the end of W...

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