What is Math Anxiety and What Can Be Done About It? Essay example

What is Math Anxiety and What Can Be Done About It? Essay example

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Anxiety is commonly defined as a fear that causes immense amounts of stress. When thinking of anxiety one does not consider it associated with math. However, the idea of math anxiety exists. Unlike the commonly recognized anxiety, math anxiety is not psychological, it is emotional. Anyone that has math anxiety experiences stress or discomfort with math. Some may feel inadequate in their math abilities and therefore avoid math altogether. Others may try but still second guess their math work. Most people that have math anxiety tend to evade math situations.
Effandi Zakaria et al. explain math anxiety through a case study titled Mathematics Anxiety and Achievement Among Secondary School Students. This case study was conducted in Malaysia and measured math anxiety related to gender and academic achievement (1828). According to this study, one that is comfortable with math and who can “apply [the] knowledge of mathematics in everyday life by solving problems and making decisions” does not experience math anxiety (1828). Some of the factors associated with math anxiety are lack of confi...

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