Essay on What is Love? Tim OBrien's The Things They Carried

Essay on What is Love? Tim OBrien's The Things They Carried

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Have you ever felt the feeling of butterflies in your stomach or heard the phrase “my heart skipped a beat for you”? As children, we grew up learning from our elders and experiencing new beginnings in life. Much of our knowledge has been brought upon by what we see and hear, rather of what we know. Many important decisions we make in our life has to do with what our feelings show us. Love is an important matter in our life because it motivates us in different ways. Love can be shown through emotions or even through actions. What is a valuable definition of love? A brief definition of love can be said to be a variety of different feelings or attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. In other words, to me love is when two people share the same inner feelings such as emotional and physical attraction to one another. Love is an emotion that can be described to control the feelings of a person by being set together through emotions, not being confused with friendship and being built like a puzzle.

So, how is love brought about? Love can be created through emotions that two people share together. In order for a good structure to be built, there must be a good foundation. Love can be seen as a jigsaw puzzle in correspondence to how every piece must be put together in order for the entire image to be complete. Once complete, it cannot be changed unless a piece is taken away. A good foundation of love is built by people getting to know one another and creating strong bonds. Unity is important because it builds a trust bond between two people. Though love can be strong in person, there are still people that can confuse it because of objects or even words. An example of this confusion can be shown in the novel “The...

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...ain. As mentioned before, love is shown through emotions and it controls our decisions as well as the way we may think. Love is a great feeling once it is shared with another person. It can lead to a better outcome in life and fill us with happiness and warmth. Sharing love with another person is helpful in order to always have the help from one another when it comes to problems as well as being happy in life.

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