Essay on What Is It 's A Simple Question?

Essay on What Is It 's A Simple Question?

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What is happy? It’s a simple question. It’s an expression used to dictate our emotion at a particular time. What you feel though is Joy not happy. Happy is adjective that as children was okay use as a fluff word, but as we grew up not so much. As a child everything was happy, but as an adult everything is okay. The meaning of happy hasn’t changed though. One possibility is that our concept of happiness as we grew changed. If happiness has changed though can we still be happy? Happiness doesn’t come from the fluff word it comes from an emotion, like joy. Happiness though, is a transitory state that is brought on by strong emotions like joy.
To truly understand why happiness is a transitory state you must first put aside any preconceived notions of happiness. The idea of happiness morphs as we grow up into what other people’s ideas of happiness were. If our parents wanted money as we were young it is likely we will try to be happy with money. Everyone needs a different thing to be happy. Some people need animals while others need to organize things. It is all different. To be able to...

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