What Is Interprofessional Collaboration Practice? Essay

What Is Interprofessional Collaboration Practice? Essay

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The demands on health care providers to provide the best quality care for patients is increasing. With added responsibilities and demands on our health care workers, it is hard not become overwhelmed and forget the reason and purpose of our profession. However, there is a way where all professionals can meet and come together for a common cause, which is the patient. A new approach in patient care is coming of age. This approach allows all health care professionals to collaborate and explore the roles of other professions in the hope of creating a successful health care team. This approach is referred to as the Interprofessional Collaboration Practice (IPC). To become an effective leader and follower, each professions will need to work together for the same goal and purpose, which is the care of the patient. In this paper I will be defining what interprofessional collaboration is and the importance of using this approach, to help engage student nurses and other health care professions early, in ways of developing leadership qualities in order to promote patient center care.
Literature Review
Interprofessional collaboration practice (ICP), is defined by The Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC), (2011) as, “Interprofessional collaboration is the process of developing and maintaining effective interprofessional working relationships with learners, practitioners, patients/clients/ families and communities to enable optimal health outcomes. Elements of collaboration include respect, trust, shared decision making, and partnerships.” (pg. 8). In order to achieve this process it requires a continuous learning in the competencies of each team member. The CIHC states how using each competency can aide in enhancin...

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...istened to and valued. Work has become more than a place to go, but an extended family where I am trusted and valued. Grossman and Valiga (2013), expressed how nurses would be playing an important role in incorporating change in the health care profession. Nurses are increasing in their responsibilities of being a caregiver, advocate, manger, and leader.
As I continue to develop in my profession of becoming a nurse, I have become more aware with my own responsibilities to change the way of working together with other team members. By using this new approach of interperssional collaborations, I have a greater respect for what other health care professionals have to offer. I remember my mother telling me “two heads are better than one”. This statement has so much more meaning to me as I begin to see the benefits in using interprofessional collaboration.

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