Essay about What is Individualism? Is it Good Or Bad?

Essay about What is Individualism? Is it Good Or Bad?

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Individualism, Good or bad?
America is filled with two types of people, people who tell you to be yourself and do whatever you want in life, and then there are also those people who try and tell you what you should be and what you should do in life. Individualism and collectivism are conflicting views of the nature of humans. By comparing the pros and cons of individualism, we will have a clear view of the American citizen.
There are many advantages and difficulties of individualism. Individualism states that the individual is the main unit of reality and the ultimate way of life. According to “The view of individualism does not deny that societies exist or that people benefit from living in them, but it seems society as a collection of individuals, not something over and above them” (What is Individualism). Collectivism states that the group, the nation, the community, the culture, the race etc is the main unit of reality and the ultimate way of life. According to “This view does not deny the reality of the individual. But ultimately, collectivism holds that one’s identity is determined by the groups one interacts with, that one’s identity is constituted essentially of relationships with others” (What is Individualism).
Some societies in the world defend and are for individualism immensely as a part of their culture and even their forms of government. Other societies/cultures do not focus too much on it (Susana Echevrria). Even though most people believe that individualism is important, and it is very important to be self-reliant. Although we take this opinion too far and we can easily fall in the trap of believing that we are alone and that we have to fend for ourselves and make it our own. But in r...

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...ferent people believe individualism is a good thing but many different people also believe individualism is a bad thing. There is no right answer to if individualism is good or bad. I feel it is in the middle of good and bad, but it is whatever you believe.

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