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What is Homeostasis?
Homeostasis is a key concept in biology. As stated by Bright Hub, 2014 “Homeostasis in a general sense refers to stability, balance and equilibrium.” It is a process by which the internal conditions of living organisms remain constant, or within a normal range, regardless of their external environment (Dummies.com, 2014. Homeostasis is controlled by a specific section of the brain called the hypothalamus (msichicago.org, 2014). The hypothalamus is comprised of neurons that form the main link between the nervous system and the endocrine system, which play a focal role in regulating a person’s internal temperature, hunger and thirst, blood pressure, and daily circadian rhythms (msichicago.org, 2014).
Homeostatic processes within the human body include temperature control, pH balance, water and glucose balance, blood pressure, and respiration (Bailey, 2014). Homeostasis is only achieved if every organ in the body functions in tandem. Homeostatic regulation involves three mechanisms; the receptor, the control center and the effector (Homeostatic Process - Homeostasis, 2014). As seen in the diagram, the receptor receives information based on the internal environment; the control center receives and processes the information; and the effector responds to the control center, either opposing or enhancing the stimulus (Homeostatic Process - Homeostasis, 2014). This process is known as positive and negative feedback. Negative feedback is said to occur when the body senses an internal change and employs mechanisms to negate that change (Biologyreference.com, 2014). In contrast, when positive feedback occurs the body senses a change which triggers a mechanism that accelerates that change (Biologyreference.com, 2014). A...

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...ged effectively by testing blood glucose levels daily, by consuming a carefully calculated diet, by staying active, and by having regular injections of insulin, or in some cases taking oral medication (Diabetes.co.uk, 2014).
It is a common belief that diabetes cannot be cured, only managed. But researchers in the United Kingdom believe they can eliminate type 1 diabetes by creating a vaccine to prevent it from developing in the first place (BBC Science, 2013). Currently, this idea has become the key focus of researchers but it is likely to take over a decade to become a reality (BBC Science, 2013). In regards to type 2 diabetes, a vaccine called GLP-1 agonists has been developed. This vaccine mimics a naturally occurring gut hormone that directs the production of more insulin in the body (BBC Science, 2013). This injections will be available in the near future.

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