What Is God By John F. Haught Essay

What Is God By John F. Haught Essay

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There have been many theological texts and authors that have influenced me in regards to my faith. The text that has been the most influential to my understanding of my calling would have to be What Is God by John F. Haught. I usually refer back to this text whenever I need a reminder of why I am trying to become a pastor. This text was assigned to me in my Basic Issues of Faith and Life class at Bethel College. Within this book, Haught tackles the basic question of “What is God?” Now when writing this, it was easy to see that most of it was directed at atheists. Most of Haught’s books are a battle between theists and atheists. Even though I was a Christian
at the time I read this, I still got much from the reading. Haught, in this book, did the best he could to try to explain what God is and how everyone searches for God in one way or another. In this book, Haught breaks the question into five parts. He argues that if anyone has ever wondered or searched for these five things, then they cannot claim to be an atheist because God is within them. The five things or ideas are depth, fut...

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