What Is Creativity? By Dr. Robert Sutton Essay

What Is Creativity? By Dr. Robert Sutton Essay

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What is Creativity?
According to Dr. Robert Sutton, creativity is simply creating new things from existing product and services. His idea of innovations is based on the notion of improving an already existing offering and making changes or combining ideas together to produce a new product. He using example of products from companies like Play-Doh, Apple and Peoples Magazine to name but a few. Apple invented the iPod based on existing technology, (MP3 player, the Sony Walkman) and their inventions of iconic interface and product design. Play-Doh a children clay molding toy was created through residue from a factor through the idea of a school teacher. People Magazine created the Annual issue by combining monthly best of category into one big book and sold it for profit. There was no new information in the Annual Issue. (www.Ecorner.standford.edu, 2004)
I agree with Dr. Sutton on the notion of creating a new idea from old ones. Kotler and Keller stated that there are two types of innovation. First is the innovation by improvement of an existing idea. The second type of innovation is the new-to-the world idea. Dr. Sutton’s lectured is based on the first type of innovation from our textbox. To increase innovation an organization or individuals can tweak an existing technology, product or service to meet new customer demand. (Kotler& Keller, 2016). Companies can contract new product development firms to create a new idea or create solution for existing problems. A good example is Beats by Dr. Dre, use an existing headphone technology to developed a high-end headphone for consumers who needed high-end headphones. According to Chesbrough, CISCO is a company that innovates by acquiring new idea from outside partnership or investing in st...

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...in Boston to develop new ideas. Google is an example of company that encourage innovation according to out textbook. Many organizations open innovation center in different geographical area to foster better innovation. (Kotler & Keller.2016) Firms encourages innovation by setting up special teams, groups and committee who sole responsibility in develop new ideas. Example, cross-sectional groups, Skunkworks, Venture Teams, and Communities of Practices (internal website to share ideas) are all types of special innovation teams. Marketing matters in innovation. Market testing is a key part of delivery a successful product or services. Commercialization is being able to launch a successful product. Marketing has to determine when (timing), where (geographic plan), to whom (Target market) and how (introductory market plan) to launch the new product.(Kotler & Keller, 2016)

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