Essay on What Is Considered too Advanced for Toddlers?

Essay on What Is Considered too Advanced for Toddlers?

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Education, once a national concern and even achievement viewed by most adults, has lost its appeal because we give the same education to all children, regardless if they are more advanced than the rest of their peers. The educational material and tools such as toys, books and games that are used in the classrooms to educate children has been predetermined by a board of educators, but what happens when a child is too advanced for the educational tools or materials being used in that grade and when is it appropriate to give the child more advanced educational tools to use? Because some children are more advanced than others in development and learning, the guidelines for what educational materials and tools children should use in the classrooms should be changed.
In many instances in the preschool years, children are given the same learning tools to be used to teach them shapes, colors even the A,B,Cs, but some of these children are more advanced than their peers. Is it right then to give the more advanced children the next step up in learning tools from other graded levels? Is better to advance them to another grade level or do we as the parents and teachers ignore the more advance children and keep our attention and concerns of the majority of students that are average. In many cases, these children that are considered too advanced are left in the same learning environment regardless if the child already knows the learning material. Many studies have been done to show when a child is not being stimulated they tend to get bored, causing them to act out and also have behavioral issues.
Many times I wondered if parents or educators really do their job, by noticing in time if children need help developing certain learning skills ...

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