What Is Considered Individual Maturity? Essay

What Is Considered Individual Maturity? Essay

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Individual Maturity
- What is considered individual maturity?
In relation to art, individual maturity is the ability to look at a piece of art and see past the physical form of the piece. When students encounter undressed figures in art it is important they possess the decorum to objectively observe the piece. Especially when students are surrounded by their peers, it is easy for a trip to the art museum to become awkward. It is important, the students control themselves in a way that is respectful of the whole group.

- What steps should be taken to ensure the students maturity level for the field trip?
In order to ensure a group of students is mature enough to enjoy a trip the art museum, it is important their parents take a moment with their student and explain the necessity of decorum. If the student is instructed to not only look at the artistic figures but also the message of the piece, they will be more equipped to enjoy the art as well as the group experience.

2. Artists’ Intent
- What determines artists intent?
A trip to the art museum is not only an exhibition of famous pieces of art, but also a windows to cultures of the past. In order to maturely approach a nude piece of art, it is important to understand the artists intent. Often the artists background and culture play an important role in his worldview and his art.

- Why is the artist’s intent important?
When the artists intent is understood a the viewer can objectively gauge the piece. For example, in Edward Knippers, “The Pest House: Christ Heals the Sick” the men presented are nude. The painting depicts Jesus healing a leper and their nudity first displays, the sickness of the man and Jesus’ humility in touching the diseased man. The artist is ...

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... (as in Classical Greek or Christian Renaissance art), or to communicate human vulnerability.” (Clevenger, Charles)
It is imperative that every individual possesses the ability to discern between these three forms nudity and react appropriately.

-How do students understand the important distinction in nude art?
The student must have the tools to understand some nudity is sinful while others proves an important point. An artistic bareness showcases an idea that bares more weight than the figures nudity. While other nude “art” is a sinful temptation. “Christians are made in the image of God the creator, destined to create music, poetry, fiction, dance and other works of art.” (https://www.faithandleadership.com/theology-and-arts) The weight of the Image of God placed on humanity requires the gift of creativity to be exerscized in respect to the Heavenly Father.

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