What Is Child Abuse? Essay

What Is Child Abuse? Essay

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What is child abuse?
Child abuse is one of our nation 's most serious public health problems. It occurs at every socio-economic level, within all ethnic groups, cultures, and religions, and at all levels of education. Each day in the United States, four children die as a result of child abuse, and three out of four of these victims are under the age of four. Scientific studies show a link between child abuse and neglect of children and a wide range of medical, emotional, and behavioral disorders; such as depression, alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and juvenile delinquency. District Attorney Capeless believes that we must raise community awareness of the signs and symptoms of child abuse, and provide parents, children, and families with the tools and support they need to report potential abuse, and break the cycle of child abuse.
In addition, child abuse is the non-accidental commission of any act by a caretaker upon a child under the of age 18 which causes, or creates a substantial risk of, physical or emotional injury; or constitutes a sexual offense under the laws of the Commonwealth; or any sexual contact between a parent/guardian/caretaker and a child under 18. Child abuse can occur both inside and outside the home setting and can be committed by a parent or any other person who has contact with the child, includes witnessing domestic violence, includes being born addicted to narcotics, and can be physical, sexual and/or emotional.
Description of role and related activity
My role as a teacher is to educate both my students and their parents about child abuse by providing them with adequate information for them to be able to identify child abuse when they see it as well as reporting the issue to authorities in a professional m...

... middle of paper ...

... allow the students to watch a movie that follows a child abuse theme. After the movie I will discuss with the students some of the things they saw in the movie that they think were wrong. During this session I will educate students more about child abuse and how they can protect themselves by reporting any abuse they encounter at home to an adult. Because students are now comfortable with each other some of them might volunteer to share their experience which we will all discuss in order to encourage them.
Treatment or method of process
I will continue to monitor James progress and behavior for another month and to see how he cooperates during the classroom and when he is interacting with students. If there is any change in James’s behavior that is of concern I will then contact other family members and talk to them and suggest professional program that can help

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